Embrace colour

Hi, I’m Phoebe Gander. I’m an artist, a mother and I also love encouraging others to make their own art. That's why I’ve decided to create online, self paced courses to share my knowledge and help you grow as an artist too. 

In “The Key To Colour Mixing” which is part 1 of my Unlocking Colour series, you’ll learn about Colour Theory and Colour mixing.

Unlock the power of colour

Colour can seem confusing, but it doesn't have to be. Once you understand these basic principles, it will unlock the power that colour has. You’ll understand how to mix and create almost any colour, including black - using just three colours and white. And even if you feel you know a lot about colour, I’m confident there will be something new for you to learn!

Create a colour wheel

Create a colour wheel

I'm going to explain to you how you can create a colour wheel, which will really cement this new colour knowledge, and how to lay this out with a key so that it's super easy for you to understand, and use as a reference when you're painting in the future.

Complementary colours

I'll explain what complementary colours are, and how to use these alongside the primaries to really make each other sing. I’ll also explain how not all colours, and paints, are created equal - and how to differentiate from each one, so that you don't get overwhelmed when you're choosing what colours to buy and use.

Colour explained

I'll also decode the sometimes confusing terminology such as tertiary, value, hue, saturation, and all the other words that might seem a bit baffling. I’ll break things down into a simple, clear way so you can understand what they really mean.

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Colour confidence unlocked

Once you understand how to organise and mix from the primary colours, you can move on to part 2 “Colour Confidence Unlocked” where I’ll show you how to desaturate colours so that they no longer look garish, but sophisticated and natural, how to harmonise colour and mix exact colours from real life references, and how to select a colour palette that is unique to you. Enrolments open from September 2022.